We put 100,000 spiders on Jayden's face and this is how it went

Safe to say we're never doing that again

Last week in our new segment 'I can do that', we sang into each other's mouths and Jayden and Dan took the win for the week. 

EDG - 100,000 spiders on Jayden's face
EDG - 100,000 spiders on Jayden's face
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This meant that Dan and Jayden got to choose our next challenge, choosing to bring in Chris from Bioforce to put 100,000 microscopic spiders all over someone's face. 

Well, Sharyn, Soph, and Dan weren't up for the challenge therefore Jayden stood up and took one for team boys. 

While they might look like sand, all 100,000 of the microscopic spiders were enough to make our stomach curl and skin itch at the sight of them. 

Jayden's protective goggles didn't turn out to be so protective as the little critters could fit through the holes making their way all-around Jayden's eyes, ew. 

You know when Jayden's struggling it's got to be bad, let's hope team boys are a bit kinder next time...