TikTok’s foul ‘vabbing’ trend is making people rub their vajayjay juices on themselves

TikTok’s foul ‘vabbing’ trend is making people rub their vajayjay juices on themselves

This might be taking p*ssy power too seriously!

There is a lot of crazy shit that has come from the depths of TikTok, but this one right here is sending us into an absolute spiral!

In a joining of the words vagina and dabbing, the term ‘vabbing’ was curated for the meaning of um... well… Wearing your vaginal fluids as a perfume. 

Yep, that's right! The latest trend for us gals is to wear our signature scent - coochie juice.

Skip a trip to the mall and save yourself a few hundy by dabbing your personalised mixture on all of your pulse points (wrists, neck, behind the ears) and you’ll have lovers dropping at your knees.

Well, thats the concept, anyway.

According to TikTok's so-called "experts," the pheromones in your vag are supposed to make potential lovers go wild.

Vabbing was first introduced on an episode of the 'Secret Keepers Club' podcast, hosted by Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann.

The two comedians mentioned their friend who used his ball sweat as a fragrance, which then sent listeners on their own journey to try it out for themselves.

Why you would post that on the internet is beyond me but the trend took off and people have been vabbing themselves like crazy ever since.

One gal even shared her basic rules of vabbing do’s and don’t’s.

While this is all well and good, legitimate experts believe the homemade concoction could be a waste of time.

Mark Elgar, professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Melbourne, told 'The Hook Up' that humans lack pheromone-producing organs (the chemical animals produce, to communicate and attract one another).

“I mean, it’s the oldest and most ancestral way in which we communicate. Do we use it in humans? I’m sure we did in our ancestral past,” he said.

“Do we use them now? I suspect no.”

Professor Elgar added: “I think the whole idea of vabbing is hilarious, and I hope no one takes it too seriously.”

To each their own, but I'm going to follow the professor's suggestion and stick with my Eau De Parfume instead of my Eau De Puss thanks!