The Stranger Things theory that has us convinced this character didn't actually die

Fans have pieced together all the evidence and honestly, we're all for it.


I mean, you really should have already known that by the headline but if not, don't blame me if you haven't finished Stranger Things Season 4 yet.

Stranger Things Volume 2 came out this week and you know I binged that instantly.

But does that mean I've fully accepted everything that went down in the finale? absolutely not. 

One moment I'm still yet to come to terms with is the death of Eddie Munson. Within the space of just one season, Munson, played by Joesph Quinn, went from the newbie leader of the Hellfire Club, to one of our absolute favourites. 

However in the finale, what hurt almost as much as watching Max' bones break, was watching Eddie heroically die after helping bring down Vecna. 

And while the Duffer Brothers have themselves confirmed Eddie is dead, that hasn't stopped fans from coming up with a pretty solid theory as to how he may actually be returning for season 5.

Could Eddie return as Kas?

You've watched the show, you don't need me to tell you each season has been based heavily around Dungeons & Dragons and there's one D&D theory that could explain how Eddie survives.

That theory is that Eddie could become 'Kas The Bloody Handed' Vecna's right-hand man in the game.

Kas was killed by bats, officially dying by typical vampire lore, before being resurrected, turning into a vampire and serving alongside Vecna... any of that sound familiar?

“If you don’t know who Kas the Bloody Handed is, he is a vampire that served as Vecna’s right-hand man — his most trusted lieutenant until the sword of Kas whispered to him and was like, ‘Yo dog, betray Vecna now. Thanks,'”  explained Jaden Bricker on TikTok.

Now you might be thinking 'bUt wHat aBoUt SteVe?' and yes, Steve was bitten by one of the bats too but did he die? No. cool, let's move on.

We also know  the Duffer Brothers are masters of foreshadowing major moments in the show.

For example, the crazy scene at Suzie's house that shows all of the different kids doing seemingly unconnected things but, as fans have put together on TikTok, it actually foreshadows the finale:

So what does this have to do with Eddie? Well in episode 1 of season 4, while Lucas was off playing basketball, the rest of the Hellfire Club were deep into their final Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

In that scene, Kas is mentioned saying it was thought that he killed Vecna. 

Now if after reading this you're not buying it, that's fine - you do you.

But if you're like me and need something to keep the hope alive until we know for sure in season 5, we hope this theory does the trick.