'Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp has created a vegan alternative to a beloved snack

'Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp has created a vegan alternative to a beloved snack

Taste testing verdicts are already rolling in...

Our boy Noah Schnapp from 'Stranger Things' has added another jewel to his crown by making his own vegan hazelnut spread - basically an eco-friendly Nutella.

This year, between the new season of 'Stranger Things', his short-lived beef with Doja Cat while also being meme-ified, Schnapp has been a busy boy.

Even more busy being the brains behind this new spread, called TBH, which came about when Schnapp found out that other hazelnut spreads can be kind of crap for both those that eat it and the planet. 

“I was shocked and brutally and bummed out when I peeked behind the curtain and learned about what went into the product and even worse, what it took away from us,” he says in his founder’s note on the product’s website. 

“Hazelnuts aren’t the main ingredient and the amount of sugar alone made me realise I wasn’t doing myself any favours. And ultimately, palm oil is responsible for mass deforestation and that was something I couldn’t support.”

We stan a healthy, eco-conscious king. 

Schnapp’s dream of making a tasty hazelnut spread that's actually healthy and good for the environment led him to make ‘TBH’ - which has twice as many hazelnuts and 50% less sugar while using sunflower oil instead of palm oil - which is a lot better for the planet.

Buzzfeed did a taste test on Nutella and TBH, and said that “TBH is definitely more hazelnut-forward than the Nutella, which … is noticeably sweeter.” 

TBH is a lot more expensive than Nutella, and is only available to buy online, but, as Buzzfeed said, “TBH is a great tasting alternative that’s both vegan AND climate conscious.”

Good on Noah for being the change he wants to see in the world, we can’t wait to try TBH!