'Stranger Things' spin-offs are being planned and a 'Euphoria' actors name is in the mix

It would be a bold move, but we are here for it!

Our love for ‘Stranger Things’, Jim Hopper is truly unmatched. There is absolutely no one else out there who could replace David Harbours role in our hearts… or is there?!

The actor has said the he would love to see someone else take on the role.

David shared his thought on where his character Hopper could go next in a new feature with British GQ.

Stranger Things will complete after Season 5, and the Duffer brothers have revealed that there are a few spin-off possibilities in the works.

Details about those spin-offs have not been shared just yet, but if there was one that included a young Jim Hopper, David reckons 'Euphoria' actor Jacob Elordi would be the perfect fit. 

Speaking about his charcter, and how the ‘Stranger Things’ universe could continue exploring Hopper’s backstory, David said: "At this point, I think Hopper is a character that can exist independent of me."

If they wanna go back in time, forward in time… I’d love to see another actor play Hopper, and see what they can bring to it.

David later followed up the interview with an email to say that he thinks Jacob Elordi could take on the role of young Hopper, joking: "He could pull off being as handsome as I was at 20."

We’d love to see a reference photo David, you know, just to confirm.

A full series about young Hopper? I mean, no one could ever replace David but who are we to say we wouldn’t get around it?