Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin lost his voice after *that* heartbreaking scene

Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin lost his voice after *that* heartbreaking scene

Stranger Things Season 4 has a lot of great scenes, but this was one of the best.

Spoilers ahead, if you haven't finished Stranger Things Volume 2, this one's not for you... sorry.

With Volume 2 of Stranger Things finally out, not only can we talk about everything that went down in the epic finale, but so can the cast themselves.

“I was just talking about this with Gaten [Matarazzo] and Sadie [Sink],” said Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas, while speaking with Vanity Fair.

The latest season of Stranger Things showed the original D&D loving friends slowly different apart; Will and El living in California, Lucas becoming one of the popular kids, and Max distancing herself from everyone after losing her brother Billy in season 3.

But as the friends come back together across the season, we see Max and Lucas become closer as she stands up against Vecna, leading to the finale.

If there's one scene that we still haven't gotten over, it's Max lying helplessly in Lucas' arms, after being all but nearly killed by Vecna, who left her with bones broken and blinded.

“I got on set that day not knowing I was doing that scene,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said he and Sadie didn't rehearse the scene beforehand, he and Sadie went straight into it "I’m crying and there are snot and tears falling into her eyes and her mouth, and I’m like, ‘Sorry for that!’, she’s like, ‘No, you’re fine. You’re acting’…. Sadie did a great job of helping me get there.”

It was also revealed that because there wasn't much scripted dialogue, McLaughlin actually improvised the line which had us crying instantly, "Erica, help!".

After finally getting the shot, McLaughlin said "I had to lay down on the floor for like, 20 to 30 seconds to just get my energy back, because all I was doing was crying,”.

Now excuse us while we go rewatch that episode all over again.