New Netflix doco 'Girl in the Picture' is traumatising viewers with its 'horrific' twists

New Netflix doco 'Girl in the Picture' is traumatising viewers with its 'horrific' twists

People are calling it the most "horrific, sickening, frightful" thing they've ever watched!

Viewers of Netflix's latest true-crime documentary ‘Girl in the Picture’ are calling it the most "horrific thing" they've ever seen, leaving them saying "wtf" as a "disgusting rollercoaster" of events unfolds.

The documentary about a 30-year-long mystery involving a young mother whose son had been kidnapped has shocked and disturbed those who dared to start it in the first place.

 “In this documentary, a woman found dying by a road leaves behind a son, a man claiming to be her husband – and a mystery that unfolds like a nightmare,” Netflix’s synopsis reads.

Skye Borgman, who directed 2017's ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ on Netflix, directed ‘Girl in the Picture’, based on the works of journalist Matt Birkbeck's ‘A Beautiful Child’ and ‘Finding Sharon’.

The trailer explains that “this documentary is more than just a true-crime story” there is the question as to who the girl truly is?

Girl in the Picture has received extremely mixed reviews, with many offering word-of-mouth suggestions to watch the chilling doco.

Others have not been shy about sharing their “horrified” thoughts and feelings about the events that unfold, with one viewer saying it is one of the most “heartbreaking, disgusting” stories they've ever seen.

Some described it as "horrific, frightening and sickening," leaving them speechless.

Others could only describe the scenes as fked...

It’s safe to say you will need to prepare yourself for the events that are involved in this extremely sad yet gripping and fascinating story.