MGK smashed a glass over his head and Megan Fox's reaction speaks for all of us

MGK smashed a glass over his head and Megan Fox's reaction speaks for all of us

Well, that's one way to get everyone's attention.

Machine Gun Kelly was left with a large gash on his face after trying to clink a champagne flute in a toast to get the crowd's attention.

The singer, 32, shouted, “I don’t give a shit” before smashing the glass against his face during an after-party at Catch Steakhouse following his Madison Square Garden concert in New York City on Tuesday night. 

MGK – born Colson Baker – has now admitted he “feels like shit” after the move left a large cut above his eyebrow.

Eek, that looks like it could leave a gnarly-looking scar.

Appearing on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ on Wednesday night, a cut could still be seen above his eyebrow as he chatted with the host.

MGK told Meyers he didn’t have a fork to make the traditional gesture of clinking it against the champagne flute, so he went with the next best option and decided to smash the glass into his head.

In the interview, he explains: “You know when you clink a champagne glass with a fork to kind of (get people’s attention)? Yeah, well, I didn’t have a fork, so I just clinked it on my head.”

What about using, I don’t know, anything other than your face?!

Meyers joked: “You know, in medicine, they call that ‘asking for it.”

MGK concurred, saying: “Yeah, I had a serious case of that last night.”

His fiancée, Megan Fox, was standing behind him as the glass hit his head, and her reaction in a video shared on TikTok speaks for all of us.

Megan looked on in shock, physically covering her mouth before putting her hand on her fiancée's shoulder to check that he was okay.

Despite admitting he was left feeling “like shit”, MGK appeared in high spirits on the show, dressed in a trademark garish outfit of grey sparkling trousers and a pink satin shirt.

He was seen leaving the steakhouse after-party on Tuesday with his fiancé Megan Fox, 36, holding her hand before they headed home.

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