Louis Tomlinson calls out 'The Project' hosts for 'stirring' in awkward AF interview

Louis Tomlinson calls out 'The Project' hosts for 'stirring' in awkward AF interview

Can't contain the cringe!

One of our fave non-problematic One Direction members found himself in a sticky interview with hosts of ‘The Project’, Australia, and let me tell you, it will make you cringe!

Of course, the band has been making headlines lately, mostly due to old mate Liam Payne slamming his other members.

Louis Tomlinson calls out 'The Project' hosts for 'stirring' in awkward AF interview

So, when Louis came on The Project to promote his new album, the shady presenters interrogated him about the feud, which did not sit well with the non-problematic king.

Host Peter Helliar stirred the pot by saying: “There’s been a bit of 1D beef recently thanks to Liam, who has been speaking out about the band a little bit, when you look back on your experience with the band, how do you feel about those days?”

Of course, Louis was quick to spot the obvious grab for drama.

“So the fishing has begun already! Yeah, I see what you are doing,” he said

Even co-host Carrie Bickmore, wouldn't let him off the hook and questioned whether he was willing to talk about his One Direction days.

“It’s just when you mentioned the beef before it sounded like you were getting ready to stir some shit up, that’s all,” he said.

At this moment, their third co-host Waleed Aly intervened, asking Louis if he was upset about his bandmate Harry Styles becoming the topic of a Texas University course.

Yeah cause that’s going to ease the tension… NOT!

“That should be you, shouldn’t it?” Waleed asked before Louis laughed and shook his head.

“It’s a very strange thing not to be interested in,” Waleed added.

Louis then suggested that Waleed sign up for the course if he’s so interested in it.

“Just quietly, Louis, I may have designed that course,” Waleed said.

After the awkward af interview went live, fans from all corners of the internet took to Twitter to share their second-hand embarrassment for the interviewers.

One person said they were "so glad that Louis embarrassed that guy on the interview".

Another called the interviews out for "asking so many unnecessary questions".

We're sorry too! Sorry that the interviewers couldn't read the room and get themselves out of that cringey Q&A. 

Here's hoping the rest of Louis' promotional tour is a whole lot smoother and actually focusses on his music!