EDG - Jayden surprises Gracie at work as her dog
EDG - Jayden surprises Gracie at work as her dog
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Laura White

Jayden dressed up as a dog and surprised his girlfriend Gracie at work

It went as awkward as it sounds...

We can confirm, it's as weird as it sounds. 

Jayden had his suspicions that his beautiful girlfriend Gracie loved her dog Charlie more than him. 

So what better way to find out than call her, pretending to be a dog, and ask her who she really loved more? 

Well, it went exactly as you'd expect, of course, Gracie chose her dog and tbh we would do it after getting a phone call like that. 

Sharyn then asked the doomed question of whether Gracie would save Jayden or her dog Charlie in a house fire...

Have a listen to the call below.

After Gracie admitted that she'd save Charlie over Jayden in a house fire, Jayden, and we'll clarify this - JAYDEN ONLY, came up with the marvelous idea to dress up as a dog and surprise Gracie at her work. 

What did we expect to happen? We're really not sure but it went worse than we ever thought.

It was successful in making Gracies work an incredibly awkward place to be that's for sure

Job well done? We'll settle for the job done. 

Surely we deserve a pay rise after this...