Eli’s Steamy Breakfast Show Fan-Fic
The Edge Breakfast
The Edge Breakfast

Eli’s Steamy Breakfast Show Fan-Fic

What are Harrison Ford, Megan Fox and Joseph Quinn doing at Muffin-break? Or who are they doing?

Meg and Steph from the Edge Breakfast are in a book club together and though the intention was to read intellectually stimulating novels -  it has essentially devolved into everyone recommending erotic literature to each other. You know the kind; Outlander, 50 Shades of Grey, After.

Edge Breakfast | Eli's Steamy Fan-fic
Eli's Steamy Fanfic
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And it got everyone thinking….what would some steamy prose about The Edge Breakfast Show look like?

Well Eli Matthewson had some idea, so he wrote a fan fic about Nickson, Meg, Eli, Steph and intern Cal from the Edge Breakfast Show. 

The story starts with ‘The Content Bin’ a box of random anonymously suggested topics that The Breakfast Show’s hosts turn to for conversation starters whenever they feel that chat in the studio needs some spice.

Eli wrote the saucy story from Meg’s perspective, so of course it featured all of her biggest obsessions. The scene is set in Meg’s favourite place on earth - Muffin Break Westgate with the hosts sitting around a table drinking cups of hot Mochacinno’s. Suddenly Harrison Ford, Joseph Quin (Eddie Munson from Stranger Things) and Lizzo enter the cafe and things get exciting.  

And what would a fan fic fantasy be without the ultimate bi-sexual icon, Taurus Stellium and michael-bay-cinematic-universe-survivor: Megan Fox. 

Eli Mathewson you might just be the next E.L James!

So what do you think?

Does Eli have a future on Ao3 and Wattpad?

Should we launch a kick-starter and have his literary works serialised, published and eventually produced into a multi-million dollar film franchise where Meg will inevitably be played by Dakota Johnson? 

50 Shades of Grey… more like 50 Shades of Mochacinno Meg.


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