Dan and Jayden surprise Sharyn with a billboard to let everyone know she's back

We'll take that as a thumbs up.

To celebrate Sharyn's big return back to the Edge after 9 months of maternity leave, Dan and Jayden decided to team up to execute some top-notch marketing to let everyone know that Sharyn is back. 

EDG - Surprising Sharyn with a billboard
EDG - Surprising Sharyn with a billboard
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After Dan announced over the intercom at Bunnings Warehouse telling everyone about Sharyn's return to the show, Jayden decided to make a billboard in Tamaki Makaurau with let's just say some photos Sharyn wouldn't have chosen to have on display. 

We took a wee trip out to the location and revealed the billboard to Sharyn and we reckon she loved it.

"That is horrific" is a good sign right?

Did Dan and Jayden mention they were stressed? Because they were.