The Wiggles are doing NZ arena gigs for grown-ups and I'm feeling like a hot potato

The Wiggles are doing NZ arena gigs for grown-ups and I'm feeling like a hot potato

BRB, practicing the Hokey Pokey.

The timeless banger that is 'Get Ready To Wiggle' has never had more meaning guys, because The Wiggles have just announced they're performing two shows for big kids only (that means us) in Aotearoa later this year. 

The OG Wiggles Reunion Tour will see Anthony, Murray, Greg and that sleepy guy Jeff take the stage in Auckland and Christchurch for audiences aged 15 and over. 

The tour will arrive at Auckland's Spark Arena on August 20 and head to Christchurch Arena on August 26, so get the crew together and give your Big Red Car a bloody good tune-up. 

We're talking all the classics - 'Fruit Salad', 'The Wheels on the Bus' and 'Hot Potato' - tune after tune in an arena setting, with cameos from old mates like Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog. 

Kiwi radio host Robert Rakete from The Breeze will be joining the squad as he often does when they're in NZ, and the shows will be supported by Aussie DJ duo John and Lenny from Justice Crew. 

“It will be The Wiggles as you remember and love them, but we’ll all have a bit more grey hair… and there’s a bar," OG Red Wiggle Murray said. 

 We’ll be playing all your favourite songs, and put on a show you won’t forget,” added Murray Cook, OG Red Wiggle.

"We can’t wait to relive those childhood memories and dance the night away to some of the favourite old-school tunes.," added Jeff, who was clearly able to wake up in time to give a statement for the press release. 

Tickets are on sale from 10am Thursday June 16  at, so you're going to want to Hokey Pokey your way over there ASAP.