The new Snapchat update gives contacts directions to your exact address and it's creepy AF

This is seriously not okay.

The latest Snapchat update is really fkn freaky - it allows anyone you're friends with  to have access to your exact location, and provides directions on how to get there quickest. 

All someone has to do is tap on your Bitmoji in the maps screen, then a prompt comes up with a car, or pedestrian option with the time it would take to reach your destination. 

Once you click on either button Snapchat will open the phone's designated maps app and provide whoever with directions to your location - but like, the actual adress, street number and all. 

Here’s what it looks like (obviously we have blurred the map, censored other Bitmojis, and changed the maps location):

Luckily, there are multiple options in the settings that affect who can see you and your location on snap maps. 

If you want no one to see you, go with ‘Ghost Mode’.

There is an option to exclude certain friends from seeing you, as well as an option that only lets chosen friends have access to your location. 

These can be accessed by tapping on the Snapmaps section and then the settings button in the top right corner. 

Soooo, yeah. We're sort of freaked out.

We're not totally sure why this new feature exists, and considering how many random people it's possible to have as contacts, we'll be changing our settings right about now. 

If in doubt, don't share your location at all, and stay safe out there!