Spotify has made you a personalised Stranger Things playlist to help you escape Vecna

Spotify has combined all of your powerful tunes with this season's soundtrack.

Spotify has created a personalised 'Stranger Things' playlist featuring all the powerful tunes you'll need to break the curse of that big creep Vecna.

The ‘Upside Down Playlist’ combines your favourite bangers with a few 'Stranger Things' classics to create the strongest vibe.

Of course, the playlist features the biggest song in the world right now, Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, as well as The Smiths and The Clash.

The ‘Stranger Things Official Playlist’ will also reveal a brand new surprise tied to the show.

You'll be rewarded with a spooky surprise if you wait 11 seconds on the playlist's homepage while using your mobile device.  The Easter egg will appear every 11th visit to the playlist after your first three visits.

You can also enter the full-screen experience by clicking "Now Playing" on the Spotify web player on your laptop.

Here's a sneak peak at one of the transformations your playlist will see:

Volume 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ will be released later this week, so on July 1, Spotify will add all of the songs from volume 2 onto the 'Stranger Things' Official Playlist.

How good, we get a whole load of new music to listen to without lifting a finger.

It isn’t the first time Spotify and Netflix’s Stranger Things have teamed up.

Back in 2017, to celebrate ‘Stranger Things’ season 2, Spotify transported viewers into the upside-down while listening to the second season's soundtrack.

After a few seconds, everything went dark, and a filter added mist, ash, and creepy organic vine growths everywhere. The best part was the soundbar turning into a rotating flashlight that lit the screen from those spooky vibes.

So, as we count down the hours until July 1, we will be jamming to all of the great tunes from Volume 1.

Oh, and why not listen to Caleb McLaughlin’s (who plays Lucas) ‘Throwback Thursday’ playlist of his favourite ’80s tracks? 

We’ve had it on repeat!