Kendall Jenner's post-break-up nude thirst trap is immediately iconic

Kendall Jenner's post-break-up nude thirst trap is immediately iconic

"Someone needs to tell Devin to stay strong."

Kendall Jenner shall henceforth be known as the absolute queen of the post-break-up thirst trap, because we don't think we've ever seen someone do it quite as effortlessly as she just has. 

Following the news of Kenny's split from boyfriend Devin Booker, the Kardashians star did what so many newly single people opt to do - share a 'my life is fine actually, thanks' photo dump on Instagram. 

What has people shooketh, however, is the truly effortless, stunning, zero f*cks given way Kendall began that photo dump with a nude. 

Now, disclaimer, the reality star is also a supermodel, so this kind of thing comes pretty naturally to her (and we're sure she'll get a lot less shit than Britney did when she posted her nudes) but we can't help but be here for this breakup energy. 

Lots of other people felt the same, and the comments section is absolutely popping off, as you'd expect:

"Single energy lmao," wrote another Instagram user.  

"Someone needs to tell Devin to stay strong," said a third. 

Also featured in her Instagram post is a snap of her horse-riding, some footage of a sunset drive and a close-up photo of some sushi, although we're pretty sure those aren't the things that earned her post nearly 5.5 million likes. 

If all that, plus the smiley face emoji for a caption isn't enough to convince you Kenny is living the dream, a source told Page Six she's "not heartbroken, but she is sad." 

"Kendall is surrounded by her closest friends at the moment," they added. With besties like the Hadid sisters and Justin and Hailey Bieber, it's no wonder she's got a squad who knows how to take a fire Instagram pic.