Does singing into somebody's mouth make you sound better?
Sharyn, Jayden, Dan and Sophie gave it a go.
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Sharyn & Jayden

Does singing into someone else's mouth make you sound better? We gave it a go

Definitely the sickest thing we have ever done.

We knew this was a terrible idea before we even did it.

We saw our mates Jase & Lauren from KISS FM try this on TikTok - apparently if you sing into someone's mouth, it makes your voice sound better (something to do with the acoustics? i dunno), who then tagged Sharyn & Jayden into their post to try it themselves.

So why not?

Sharyn had a go at singing into Sophie's mouth, and then Dan tried with Jayden....and yeah, things turned out pretty disgusting.

Would not reccommend.

Also just FYI - all four of Sharyn, Jayden, Dan and Sophie took a  RAT tested earlier that day to make sure no one was sick (four negative results baby!) - we definitely wouldn't do it otherwise!