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You can now buy Plant IV bags for your plant babies if you suck at looking after them

I absolutely need this

THIS could be the solution to all of our plant-watering-worries.

Although we all try our best to remember to water our plant-pals every single week, sometimes it's easy to slip our minds, and before you know it, there goes another $30 down the drain for a plant you've accidentally just killed. 

A company is now selling plant IV bags to provide your plants some life support if they need it. (I definitely need it.)

Jungle Tops, a company that specialises in plant care, have released the IV bags to provide a "drip-feed of everything your plant needs for the duration of your vacation." But who's to say you can only use it while you're on holiday? If I'm honest, I'll be using it while I'm at home.

It seems really simple to set up, too. It's a matter of filling the IV bag with water, connecting the regulator, popping the IV bag onto the hook, and popping it into the soil.

If you wanna have a look at one for yourself, check out the Plant Life Support IV bag here.