Why did Justin Bieber breakdown in tears on stage in Mexico?

Why did Justin Bieber breakdown in tears on stage in Mexico?

“It’s just insane. I don’t even have words. My heart is overwhelmed.”

Justin Bieber has shared a series of posts on Instagram of him breaking down in tears and speaking about his concern for "humanity" while performing in Mexico. 

One particularly emotional moment from the show sees Justin swaying while tears rolling down his cheeks. He captioned the clip: "Tears fill my eyes for humanity." 

The 'Peaches' singer also shared a behind-the-scenes clip of him holding a group prayer with his backstage crew and wife Hailey. 

“I feel overwhelmed by all of the things happening in the earth, it sadens me tremendously," he said, his voice breaking with emotion. 

“It’s just insane. I don’t even have words. My heart is overwhelmed.” 

A third clip documented a moment during the show where Justin told the crowd his tour was all about “unity and acceptance". He captioned that video: "INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE." 

“Everyone is equal and in this world, there is a lot of division, but we get to be the difference makers," he said, prompting cheers from the crowd. 

So what exactly has got Bieber so emotional? We can't be entirely sure, but the Beliebers have some theories. 

Some think Justin's tears were related to the devastating shooting at Robb Elementary School, where at least 21 were killed, most of whom were children. 

The comments sections of some of the singer's posts include tributes to the victims and their families. 

Last week, Justin performed in Buffalo not long after another horrific mass shooting which left 10 dead. He asked for a moment of silence from the crowd, and later took to Instagram to scold the few people who continued to scream. 

"To the people who couldn’t stay silent to honor the lives that were so tragically lost, I urge you to ask yourself why?" he wrote on social media. 

Meanwhile. others highlighted the huge crowd who turned out to see the pop star in Mexico, noting how far he has come having started by busking on the streets. They thought Bieber might have been overwhelmed with the support he felt during the show. 

Some thought the emotional scenes were to do with Bieber's mental health, commenting "you'll never have to be lonely again" and swearing their loyalty with messages like: "we never left!"

Whatever the real reason, Justin has definitely been affected by the recent tragedies in the US, and we definitely rate him showing his vulnerable side and expressing his emotions on such a public scale.