We need to stop talking about Britney's mental health and let her post the damn nudes

We need to stop talking about Britney's mental health and let her post the damn nudes

Hilary Duff's nude photoshoot is being celebrated while Britney's Instas are policed.

By Sarah Gandy
Britney Spears is making headlines after posting a series of nude photos on her Instagram.

They are censored in all the places they need to be to meet Instagram rules - but that hasn't stopped users unleashing in the comment section claiming it's proof that Britney is mentally unhinged.

One user wrote "This girl, she is sick, she is crying for help.  I'm pretty sure that conservatorship was in place for a reason."

Others said that her fiance Sam Asghari should be preventing Britney from posting the photos… (sigh)

Remember that 13 years of conservatorship where she had zero control over her life? When other people called all the shots on her behalf? This is all sounding very familiar. Some even say that her actions could harm her children.

It’s been 5 months since Britney was finally freed from her conservatorship, and already we are calling her mental health into question and insisting yet another man should be telling her how to communicate? 

Make it make sense!!

Of course, the tabloids are taking this gem and running with it.

If she was getting nude in a music video or for a women's mag shoot, the headlines would read “look at Britney's sexy new vid”.

The only difference I can see between this and that - other than some lighting and a camera person - is Britney is the one making the decisions here, embracing some natural lighting and showing off her selfie stick skills! 

Let’s get real… She looks fabulous embracing her natural beauty!

Apparently, Britney showing her skin on her own terms is too much for people to bear.

Then there's Hilary Duff - who also just released images from a nude photoshoot she did for Women’s Health magazine and the response has been totally different.

There has been an outburst of support and love for Hilary's photos.

The headlines include: 

“Hilary Duff Poses Naked And Talks Body Acceptance, Motherhood”

“Phenomenal: Duff stuns with nude cover”

“Hilary Duff just posed completely naked for a magazine cover and wow”

“Hilary Duff Poses Nude in Photo Shoot for Body Acceptance and Empowerment”

The response is gobsmackingly different. 

Both women are living their truth but with very different levels of scrutiny.

I don't know what Britney's mental state is. Neither do you. There's one thing I do know, she is clearly feeling her 40-year-old free self. 

She's Britney, bitch!