Spare a thought for this mum who accidentally named her baby after lasagna

Spare a thought for this mum who accidentally named her baby after lasagna

Imagine realising you named your child 'lasagna' by accident.
12 July 2022 9:30PM

These parents have found themselves in a tricky spot after realising they named their child 'lasagna' by accident.

"My husband and I welcomed our first child about nine weeks ago. We found out it was going to be a girl and we quickly decided on the name Elizabeth for her." the mum wrote on Reddit.

She went on to say that they had originally chosen the middle name 'Jane', but chose to change it to Anya in honour of her husband's late mother.

"A few days after she was born we quickly started calling her Liz instead of Elizabeth. Now her legal name is all but forgotten and everyone refers to her as Liz."

"My sister pointed out that we named our baby 'Lasagna'. I hadn't made the mental connection but if you put her first and second names together 'Liz, Ayna' it really does make 'lasagna'."

"I told my sister that I doubt anyone would make that connection, especially considering people rarely use their middle names in daily life. But then my whole family chimed in and now everyone keeps calling my daughter 'Lasagna'."

"Now I'm scared that when she eventually starts school her classmates and others will latch onto this and make fun of her. I mean, the teasing has already started amongst my family."

People were quick to offer advice to the woman who is obviously found herself in a tricky situation.

"Your kid will be called lasagna at school 100%. And probably also by your family. Either start calling her Beth for short or pick a new first name. Understandable mistake I guess since you didn’t seem to know you would be using Liz." one person wrote.

"I think your options are drop the Anya, switch Anya and Jane, or stop calling her Liz."