Sharyn gives us a BTS peek at her glam process for Dancing With The Stars NZ

Sharyn gives us a BTS peek at her glam process for Dancing With The Stars NZ

Step into a world of glitter eyeshadow and lots of bronzer.

If you've been watching DWTS, you'll have seen our gal Sharyn Casey looking absolute fire every week as she hosts the show while turning out lewk after lewk. 

Of course, the show is all about glitz and glamour, with a healthy lashing of fake tan - and there's a whole team of people making that happen for the judges, hosts and contestants.

The show's make-up artist Kath Gould shared a sneak peek on Instagram of the process for getting Sharyn camera ready, taking us through skin prep, base, eye makeup, contouring, highlighting and lip. 

Shaz also gets styled by Sacha Teuila and gets her hair done by Lauren Gunn from Colleen, and she told us a bit about what it's like to undergo the DWTS transformation twice a week. 

Do you love getting your makeup done for DWTS or are you over it now?
I love it because I get to catch up with friends at the same time! I’m not the best at sitting still though so Kath has to keep getting me to look at her.

How long does the process take, start to finish?
One hour for hair and one hour make up. I just let them do what they want, they’re the professionals - I know how to do a ponytail and that’s about it!

What's your make-up routine for TV like versus when you're doing radio?
Most of the time for radio I don’t wear makeup anymore. At first I would worry about people making comments about it on the web videos but now I don’t really care, if people are focussing on my face and not what I’m saying on the radio then I’m not doing my job very well! 

I think it’s good for women to see that we don’t have to be perfectly groomed all the time - the men aren’t held to that standard so why should I have to put a face on every day?

For TV (especially DWTS) the costume and make-up is part of the show, it’s so glam and OTT which is so fun. It’s the total opposite to radio where I can wear my track pants and sneakers - I wear makeup if I want to but it’s the least important part of my job.

How do you feel when you see yourself transformed?
It’s so much fun! On DWTS we get to have a lot of fun with glitters and eyeshadows, and I love seeing how creative Kath is.