People are 'sick to their stomachs' at the new 'disturbing' Netflix doco 'Our Father'

People are 'sick to their stomachs' at the new 'disturbing' Netflix doco 'Our Father'

"It has to be one of the most evil true stories I've ever seen."

If you're looking to spend a perfectly nice weekend binge-watching some creepy shit, one - we don't blame you, and two - have we got the reccomendation for you. 

Netflix viewers are deeply shooketh about a new documentary from the streaming service called 'Our Father', which is being called "one of the most evil true stories" people have ever seen. 

'Our Father' tells the super messed-up story of a fertility doctor in the US called Donald Cline, who was top of his field and practised for around 40 years. 

Turns out, Cline was impregnating women - a lot of women - with his own sperm, without their knowledge. 

The doctor thought he would get away with his disgusting crimes which took place before DNA testing was easily accesible. In 2014 though, a woman called Jacoba Ballard discovered she had many half-siblings when she took a 23andMe test. 

From there, the siblings realised all their parents had been treated by Cline, and all the horrific puzzle pieces started falling into place. 

Ballard told the Guardian she's still discovering more siblings, including one that popped up on the day the trailer for Our Father dropped. 

“So many of them don’t even know they were donor-conceived, and some believed they came from their dad’s sperm,” she said of her siblings.

“Every time we get a new match I give them this news, and it’s like I’m ruining their life.”

One Twitter user called the doco "one of the most disturbing things I've ever watched," while others have said it made them "sick to their stomachs".