Mike Myers wants to make a Shrek movie every year, and we're not mad about it

Mike Myers wants to make a Shrek movie every year, and we're not mad about it

But would Donkey be keen?

Comedy legend Mike Myers recently took part in GQ’s ‘iconic characters’ series where he reflected on playing Shrek - easily the most beloved ogre in the world.

“I love playing Shrek,” Myers said.

“I love the idea of taking a fairytale [and] turning it on its head,” he continued, “having it be that all the traditional bad guys are good guys, and all the traditional good guys are bad guys.”

He also talked of how there’s a deeper level to the Shrek character than just the laughs and memes that have emerged over the past two decades since the original movie’s release.

“I realised it’s a dramatic role… there’s an emotional centre there”, he talks of the character with a mix of nostalgia and pride, “the concept of going from a self-loathing ogre to a self-accepting ogre was meaningful to me.”

Well, we did not expect to get a little emotional talking about Shrek, but such is the power of the green gentle giant.

Anyway, the old mate Shrek first graced our screens in 2001 and there have since been three sequels (with a possible fourth on the way), a musical, an underrated video game series, and somewhat of a cultural resurgence for the swamp-dweller in recent years.

Rumors of a fifth installment in the Shrek franchise have been circulating for years, and there are even some reports that it could be released later this year.

It seems Myers is keen, and Eddie Murphy, who plays Donkey, has talked of his enjoyment in the role, so why not?

Let's get a ‘Shrek Cinematic Universe’ going that can rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe.