Kiwis are seriously pissed about Subway's 'rip off' price hikes

Kiwis are seriously pissed about Subway's 'rip off' price hikes

RIP the day-before-payday $4 sub.

Seems like everything is outrageously expensive these days - buying a block of cheese can tip you into overdraft and rent is through the (probably mouldy) roof. 

One thing New Zealanders are particularly salty about, though, is the price of Subway sandwiches in 2022. 

Redditor u/Used_Environment_356 pointed out they paid $9 for a 6-inch tuna sub, and that kicked off a wave of other complaints about how much higher the cost is now. 

"I went to get Subway for lunch today. I asked for the sub of the day and the cashier replies 'sorry we don’t do sub of the day here, but you can get a ham 6inch for $7'. I just left," one comment read. 

"Paid over $20 for a foot-long combo, so won't be going back. I thought it was a mistake so had to check," said another. 

"I pointed out to my partner that it was $40 for 2 subs and a drink each. WTF," a third person wrote. 

Remember the good old days, when you could grab a sub of the day with the coins you found in your car's drink holder? Reddit does. 

"I remember when it used to be $3.90. Good times," one comment read. 

"RIP 2012 when the foot-longs were $8," said another. 

"$5 veggie delight ft long then $1 for salami from the supermarket del was my uni go-to for student allowance days. Oh, don't forget the $6 double brown dozen to wash it down with," another financially wise person chimed in. 

And just in case you were wondering if old mate's $9 six-inch was the result of extra cheese, added avocado or some other luxury, the original poster confirmed they only added "lettuce, carrot and pepper" to the sandwich. 

Right, that's it. Take my money, bakery sandwiches!

But then of course, you have to watch out for this kind of thing: