Conspiracy theorists think Lea Michele can't read - we look at the evidence

The internet's wildest Glee theory is back!

The internet is convinced that Lea Michele is illiterate.

That’s right - people think the Glee star never learnt how to read or write. 

We know this theory has been around for ageeeeees! But with Lea Michele back in the public eye promoting a new documentary with Glee co-star Jonatahn Groff the conspiracy has been trending again and we couldn't resist bringing it up.

A new school of believers have taken to Twitter and Tiktok to sift over the ‘evidence’.

So why do people think Lea Michele can’t read?

People think that when Lea Michele was cast in the broadway production of Les Miserables as a young child, she abandoned her education for singing and never learnt how to read.

Theorists think that Glee creator Ryan Murphy would read Lea her scripts so that she could memorise her lines.

They also think Murphy gave her broadway classics and popular hits to sing on the Glee so that the actress wouldn’t have to learn new lyrics. 

Furthermore, people think Lea has gone on to do other Ryan Murphy shows like Scream Queens (with little work elsewhere in Hollywood) because Ryan is the only one in the industry who knows her secret.

So what is the evidence?

1. She uses a lot of emojis 

Believers have noticed that her Instagram captions contain very few words. They reckon this is because she can understand the pictures and uses emojis to communicate. 

People also think that Lea Michele gets her assistant to manage all of her emails, texts and social media for her. They point to photo evidence that shows Lea Michele’s assistant is often the one holding her phone.

2. When she signed her name on a wall - her name had already been written for her, she just drew a line underneath it…..suspicious

Conspiracy theorists think Lea Michele can't read - we look at the evidence

3. Her autobiography is mostly photographs

4. In photos from Lea’s book signing the pen never touches the paper

Why are you scared to be photographed writing Lea? Is it because you don’t know how? 

Lea addressed the rumours back in 2018 with a tweet, but people are not convinced. 

Conspiracy theorists think Lea Michele can't read - we look at the evidence

In the (now deleted) Tweet, Lea gives a cheeky wink to the theory, but her wording does not directly address the rumour so conspiracy theorists don’t consider this  ‘admissible evidence’. 

And as theorists have previously established, Lea’s twitter is allegedly managed by her ASSISTANT, so if we are following that logic, she didn’t even write this. 

Is this enough to convince us the conspiracy is true?

Honestly, it just seems like 7 years after Glee’s conclusion the internet is trying to heal from how f*king strange that show was - and this is the way they are doing it.

In the words of Rachel Berry herself…