Cadbury Caramilk ice cream

Caramilk ice cream is finally coming to NZ, so I'm gonna need a bigger freezer

Cadbury’s new Caramilk Ice cream is about to hit our shelves.

For months the Aussies have been raving about it - now it's our turn.

We’ve been obsessed with Cadbury’s Caramilk chocolate bar ever since it first premiered in Aotearoa as a limited season Chocolate back in 2018. The golden caramelised white chocolate block was such a hit that it inspired Facebook fan clubs. With such a passionate response from Kiwi’s that Cadbury quickly started selling it in Australia too. As Caramilk’s limited run came to an end there was a total frenzy in supermarkets with people hoarding boxes of the golden chocolate blocks before they were discontinued.

The following year Cadbury brought Caramilk back as a permanent fixture on supermarket shelves in New Zealand and Australia. Ever since then Caramilk has been the big chocolate muse for Kiwi and Aussie food bloggers. Our feeds have been filled with countless mouth watering Caramilk creations, from Caramilk cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, cocktails and  lots of home-made ice cream.

Caramilk ice cream is finally coming to NZ, so I'm gonna need a bigger freezer

Well, Cadbury took notice and in July 2021 they launched an official Caramilk Ice Cream, but they didn’t launch it in Caramilk’s country of origin: Aotearoa. No, they launched it in Australia! 

Typical Aussies always get things before we do! (And they've just enjoyed a season of Caramilk McFlurries and Caramilk hot cross buns. Yum. We are so jealous!).

For months we’ve been seeing Aussies rave about Caramilk ice cream on Tiktok and Insta, but now FINALLY the ice cream is set to arrive on our shores.

The new ice cream features a thick Caramilk chocolate shell with a creamy vanilla ice cream centre. Drooling. 

Thankfully, the wait is now over! Almost. Single ice creams hit the shelves on May 9, and four packs will arrive in supermarkets later in the month. We're thinking we're going to need to buy in bulk.