Aussie bride shocked to find not one, but three leeches hiding in her wedding dress

Aussie bride shocked to find not one, but three leeches hiding in her wedding dress

These are 100% the worst gate crashers of all time!

An Aussie bride discovered the worst uninvited guest anyone could imagine at her wedding - a huge leech that was found under her dress. 

Madalyn Wise shared a beautiful video of her and her husband's first dance at their wedding on TikTok, where she was blissfully unaware of the grisly discovery she was about to make. 

The footage switches from the romantic dance floor moment to show Madalyn's blood-stained dress and a bandage wrapped around her leg, with the culprit being a fat, wriggly leech. 

Madalyn’s post went viral and prompted a lot of questions from social media users, so she followed up with a storytime on TikTok, where she explained everything...

“In the weeks leading up to our wedding, we had a lot of rain,” she said.

“We had our ceremony and then we went off to have our wedding portraits taken at the venue.

“During this photo session, we did have to go into some long, sludgy grass… this is where I think the leeches came into the picture.”

She also mentioned that there wasn’t just one, but THREE leeches... 

Three too many, if you ask us!

One was under her foot, one behind her knee, and one crawling up her leg.

“It was literally on me throughout my whole reception, the dinner and the speeches,” she explained.

According to Madalyn, her mother-in-law grabbed her mid-dance and took her to the dressing room.

“We get in there and I was like ‘what is happening?’ But then she was just lifting up my dress.”

Her mother-in-law explained she’d spotted some blood on her dress and Madalyn instantly assumed she’d got an early period.

We're not sure which version of events would have been worse? 

It turns out the leech behind her knee was so big and so full, that it’d fallen off. Madalyn said she was ultimately fine, but it did take ages for the bleeding to stop. 

At least it wasn't a fun-sucking reception - just briefly a blood-sucking one!