All the stuff you can do in the time it takes to watch one ep of Stranger Things S4

All the stuff you can do in the time it takes to watch one ep of Stranger Things S4

The finale is how long?!?

The highly-anticipated new season of Stranger Things is almost here - after three years of waiting!  Season 4 of the sci-fi hit show is set to hit our screens on May 27th, and it's being released in two volumes. 

The first volume is seven eps long, and the final two episodes will drop in volume two, on July 1st. 

Understandably, fans are fizzing about this, not least because the show's creators have let us know this series is "five hours longer than any previous one," with three of the first four eps being 75 minutes long “or more.”

This is really going to challenge our binge-watching abilities - please hold all my calls for the next four working weeks. 

If you thought those first eps sounded lengthy - the seventh episode is 1 hour, 38 minutes long, the eighth is roughly 1 hour, 25 minutes, and the ninth is nearly two hours long. 

While we absolutely can't wait to turn our couch into our own personal portal into the 'Upside Down’, we couldn't help but think about all the other things we could get done in the time it takes to get through one of those epic episodes. 

Activities that take roughly the same amount of time as a Stranger Things Season 4 episode:

Preparing  a full roast dinner

Taking a decent nap
We all know we haven’t been getting a full night's sleep in the lead-up to season 4 so, a well-timed nap to prepare yourself would take just as long as the first episode!

Doing a 30-minute meditation followed by a full workout.
Ever tried it? Me neither… Maybe we'll just skip straight to the couch potato sesh. 

Re-arranging the furniture in your house and Marie Kondo-ing that shit
Remember, if it doesn't spark joy…

Learning 20 new words and 10 phrases in another language
It's true - just ask my DuoLingo app! 

Having a 15-minute phone call with 5 different loved ones
Aunty Rhonda will thank you for it. 

Knit half a beanie - You can do the other half during the next episode!

Listen to Harry Styles' new album in full… TWICE!!
Oops, this may already be ticked off - Guilty!

And for the 2 and a half-hour long finale, you can complete… 

If that doesn't earn you an entire day spent watching Netflix, we don't know what does.