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A true crime doco about Armie Hammer and his family is coming and it sounds wild

If you thought those screenshots were out the gate, wait till you hear about his granddad.

If you’ve heard anything about Armie Hammer over the past few years, then you know if the allegations made against the actor are true, he's turned out to be deeply, frighteningly weird.

Well, maybe the apple (or peach 🍑) doesn't fall far from the tree...

It turns out the actor comes from an old money New York family embroiled in decades of scandal and criminal allegations. A new documentary special created by ID and Discovery+ will dive into family secrets. 

Currently being called ‘House of Hammer’, the documentary will use archival footage and interviews from survivors and members of the family to explore “a dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild.”

Armie Hammer’s great-grandfather and namesake, Armand Hammer was an oil tycoon who’s close ties to the Soviet Union earned him the nickname ‘Lenin's chosen capitalist’. It’s rumoured that Prince Charles wanted him to be a godfather of Prince William, but Diana disapproved. In 1972 he pleaded guilty to charges involving illegal contributions to Nixon's Watergate fund. 

Julian Hammer, Armie's grandfather, was accused of the murdering Bruce Whitlock over a debt in 1955.

A true crime doco about Armie Hammer and his family is coming and it sounds wild

We can see why this family has been compared to the Roy’s of HBO’s Succession. 

For Armie Hammer, the first signs that something weird was going on came early in the pandemic when the Call Me By Your Name star fled quarantining in the luxury of the Cayman Islands with his family - to return alone to America. 

He soon moved to an abandoned motel in Joshua Tree with his friend ‘Motor Mike’, and gave himself this haircut.

A true crime doco about Armie Hammer and his family is coming and it sounds wild

Then in 2021 the allegations and the screenshots of DM conversations started rolling in. 

Several women came forward with claims that Hammer had spoken to them in a super violent way, with frequent references to drinking blood and cannibalism. What followed were accusations of sexual assault and emotional abuse from several women, including Hammer’s estranged wife.

The story as told by Instagram screenshots is already insane, who knows what this new documentary will uncover.