We tried BeReal, the new 'elite' social media platform threatening to derail Instagram

The app promotes realness by notifying users to share a photo at different times each day.

It seems every few months there's a new social media app that attracts a lot of hype and then after a few weeks, we never hear of it again. Remember good ol' YikYak, Houseparty, or that all were so popular, and then seemed to just fall off the face of the earth?

Well, BeReal is the latest platform doing just that around the globe, labelling itself as 'not another social network', aiming to redefine the 'unrealistic' world of social media. 

Developed in France, the app sets itself apart from other social media platforms by notifying users at a random time each day, asking them to share a photo of what they're doing.

The catch is, that you cannot see anything your friends have posted unless you share a photo and once you receive a notification, you only have 2 minutes to share your photo. 

Describing itself as "A new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life", the app provides a refreshing change in perspective from the seemingly glamourous lives people appear to live on Instagram. 

Once you share a photo, it lasts until the following day when you receive another prompt to share a photo, and then it disappears. 

Without likes, followers, stories, and ads, the platform sets out to promote 'realness', which app creator, Alexis Barreyat, says social media lacks. 

We tried BeReal, the new 'elite' social media platform threatening to derail Instagram

We've given BeReal a go and it's genuinely refreshing to see an honest insight into people's lives that you don't see on other social media platforms.

Instagram can often set high expectations and unrealistic standards of life, therefore seeing people doing normal, everyday tasks restores a sense of normality that life doesn't just consist of aesthetic brunch dates and cute beach walks.

The quick turnaround time means you're only seeing content people have posted in the last 24 hours, meaning you might see people going to work or someone studying at uni or maybe one of your mates has just climbed a mountain or is doing the walk of shame hungover on a Sunday morning. 

The excitement is that you really never know what you're going to get. 

There's also a discovery section, which is like your foryou page on TikTok, showing you moments that people from around the world have shared but don't stress, you can choose to have your moments shared with your friends only.

Platforms like Instagram enable people to heavily edit their photos and carefully curate a selection of content to share, losing an element of realness.

We've found the app to be a great reminder that *shock horror*, life isn't as glamourous as people make out on Instagram. 

Although we have found that we've become incredibly impatient waiting for the notification every day, which it seems a lot of users can relate to. 

Part of the thrill is not knowing when you're going to be asked to share a photo, which has been leaving us in suspense most days.

Once you eventually have a few friends on the platforms to share your moments with, you might also find yourself quickly becoming addicted... sorry in advance.