Jada Pinkett Smith appears to laugh after Will Smith slaps Chris Rock in new footage

Jada Pinkett Smith appears to laugh after Will Smith slaps Chris Rock in new footage

The footage filmed from behind the couplet appears to show Jada laughing as Will walks off stage.

New footage from the eventful Oscars ceremony has emerged online, showing us Jada Pinkett Smith's reaction to her Husband Will Smith smacking Chris Rock after cracking a joke about her. 

I'm sure we've all seen the footage of the infamous moment by now and while we saw Jada's initial reaction to the joke, we didn't see her reaction to the slap or the interaction between Chris and Will.

Until now...

A video has surfaced online, which appears to show another angle of the altercation, showing us Jada's reaction after Will slaps Chris across the face. 

The video, which has been filmed by someone sitting behind the couple, appears to show Jada leaning forward in a way that suggests she's laughing after Will walks off the stage after the slap. 

It looks as though Jada was equally as confused as we were while the interaction between Will and Chris unfolds after the incident, as you can see her looking up at the stage watching it play out. 

Everytime we watch the uncomfortable video, we feel ourselves cringing more and more at the sheer awkwardness of the situation...

Instagram users took to the comments to have their say as to what they think happened. 

“Woah. Def didn’t see that laughing side of her during all this. What a sh*t show,” one user said while another commented "She laughed after Chris got slapped... it's funny now all of a sudden".

While it's still unclear how Jada feels about the situation, she shared a cryptic Instagram post the following day, reading "This is a season for healing and I’m here for it".

According to the sources close to the couple from Radar Online, Will and Jada have “had a conversation” and “agreed” to address the entire thing on Jada's chat show Red Table Talk, having reportedly turned down offers from various renowned outlets.

It's not surprising that the couple may choose to address the situation on Red Table Talk, as they previously in July 2020 took to the show to discuss rumors of infidelity during their marriage.

We're definitely ready for a new episode anytime now!