Dua Lipa's swapped partying for a quiet night in and I wish I had the same self control

Dua Lipa's swapped partying for a quiet night in and I wish I had the same self control

“Honestly, no partying. I have to be so strict." Dua Lipa said on her strict tour rules.
12 July 2022 9:30PM

Dua Lipa has one more new rule... no partying.

The 'Levitating' hitmaker is midway through her 'Future Nostalgia' tour and she admitted the only way she can cope with the high-energy concert series is to be "so strict" with her downtime and make sure she gets enough rest.

She is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column as saying: “Honestly, no partying. I have to be so strict."It’s relentless, so I need to be on top form. I have to get enough sleep.

"If I have a couple of days off then maybe I can enjoy time out with my band.

“I love it, but I’ve been learning how to build my stamina and do this night after night.”

Dua recently explained she was "reclaiming" the quirky dance move she was mocked for online back in 2018 because the criticism motivated her to be better.

She said: "The reason we’re talking about it is because I brought it back. I’m doing it on my tour.

"I’m reclaiming it because there was a moment where it caused me a lot of grief. Like I was being bullied online. It wasn’t very nice, but now I can look at it from a different perspective.

"I look back on it with such fondness because it helped me grow into the artist I wanted to become. It made me work harder. I went in, I did more rehearsal. I just wanted to become a real performer and I think that was the thing I needed."

The 26-year-old star has previously admitted online trolling left her with "anxiety" and questioning whether she was "good enough" to be a star.

She said: "I experienced a s*** tonne at the end of my first record, and it was definitely something that gave me anxiety and made me upset and made me feel like I wasn't good enough and made me feel like, maybe I'm not meant to be here and on the stage.

"Even after the Grammys, some people were like, 'Well, she doesn't deserve it.'

"There were so many things, especially when you start out, like a video of me dancing and they're like, 'Ah well, she has no stage presence' – but they'd never been to one of my shows, they'd never seen me perform."

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