10 things to do at home to kill your flat boredom

10 things to do at home to kill your flat boredom

Stuck at home? We have you covered thanks to Cocktail Collective!

Whether your flat’s stuck in iso or you just need some ideas for something to do that isn’t just ‘should we just watch a movie?’ we’ve got you. 

We’ve put together a list of things for you to spice up your next weekend when you’ve got nothing planned!

1. Unsolved murder mystery for you to figure out

You've watched enough Netflix docos so this Murder Mystery Game should be a walk in the park for you and your friends  (Just like Jayden and his flat.) 

2. Powerpoint presentation night

Put a list of options in a hat for you and your friends or use your imagination. If uni preso's were like this, I definitely would've paid more attention.


Yes i'm an adult but will that stop me for jumping with excitement at the thought of playing hide and seek? no. Have a games night with your favourite games as a kid. Spotlight, Go home stay home, you name it.

4. Cocktail Night

But because I'm an adult… I also love a cheeky cocktail.

Grab your friends and a cocktail-making kit from Cocktail Collective and get ready for a good night. From Margaritas to Martinis, there’s a kit for everyone's favourite drink. The best part? Cocktail Collective Premium Cocktail Boxes come with all the ingredients and instructions  to make 10+ drinks. 

Plenty for you and your flatties to party into the early hours!

5. Paint and Sip

Now you've got your Cocktail Collective drink sorted, chuck on a Bob Ross Tutorial on YouTube, and have your own Paint and Sip class in your lounge.

6. Did someone say Guess Who?

Ok, hear us out. Guess who but there are some new rules.

First, change out the pictures with some printed ones - could be the cast of a show *cough* Euphoria *cough* or could be your friends who you're playing with. Second, none of this 'Do they have red hair' type questions.

You can only ask subjective questions like 'Would they ask to have their food taken back?' or 'would they drive a swift?'.

7. Arts and Crafts time

Or if you're after a more wholesome night in (not that Bob Ross isn't wholesome enough) have a crafts night with the flat.

there are lots on offer from at-home pottery to DIY candle kits to make your room smell YUM.

8. Movie Night

Yes we know this feels like it's a given but it's a classic and we have to include it.

What we will say is we spend more time deciding on a movie than actually watching it so save yourself the time and use a this site to pick for you.

9. Boujee Movie Night

On that, if you want to up the movie even more... move it outside with an outdoor cinema which will come to your house!

10. Karaoke Night

Let's be honest there isn't much better than singing at the top of your lungs so who cares about the neighbours.

Grab your Cocktail Collective drink, load up an ABBA sing-a-long  on youtube and have yourself a great night.

bonus points if you can grab a speaker and mic combo to really make it a karaoke party.

This article was produced by The Edge in association with Cocktail Collective.