Who needs Lotto when the Oscars are dishing out these insane $200k goodie bags

Who needs Lotto when the Oscars are dishing out these insane $200k goodie bags

We're getting into acting ASAP.

Depending on how you look at it, the Oscars is either a fabulous night of glitz and glamour celebrating the best of Hollywood or a three-hour-long cringe-fest where a bunch of rich and famous people get even richer and more famous. 

One thing I bet we can all agree on, though, is how absolutely batshit the Academy Awards goodie bags are, and how unfair it is that the people with the most cash seem to get the most freebies. 

Among the priciest items in this year's gift bags, worth a total of $200,000 (US$140,000) each, are an all-expenses-paid trip to a Scottish castle - including butler service and bagpipe welcome ($50k), free construction for home renovations ($25k) and over $10,000 worth of plastic surgery. 

Sorry, what? 

The bags are gifted to the nominees of the four major acting categories, the hosts and those up for the Best Director trophy, so this year that means people like Will Smith, Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and even Kiwi filmmaker Jane Campion. 

Check out some of the other outrageous freebies in the bag: 

  • A $12,000 'Celebrity Arms' liposuction procedure

  • The title of Lord or Lady of Glencoe, along with a small plot of land in Scotland

  • $25,000 worth of home renovations from Los Angeles-based Maison Construction

  • A $15,000 four-night stay for two at the Golden Door luxury resort and spa in California

  • A $1,200 life coaching session with a wellness expert 

  • CBD sleep gummies 

  • Extra virgin olive oil infused with edible gold flakes 

  • An inflatable killer whale emblazoned with the words 'Sea World Blows' from PETA