Tinder Swindler fans are raving about Netflix's Bad Vegan saying it's 'way worse'
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Tinder Swindler fans are raving about Netflix's Bad Vegan saying it's 'way worse'

The four-part true crime documentary series is being labelled much wilder than the Tinder Swindler.

Netflix recently dropped their latest true crime documentary series 'Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives' and it's already being called much wilder than the Tinder Swindler. 

The series follows Vegan celebrity chef Sarma Melngailis and her relationship with her now ex-husband Anthony Strangis, who she knew as Shane Fox.

Sarma owned a raw vegan restaurant called 'Pure food and wine' in New York, which was attended by celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes, Janet Jackson and Alec Baldwin before the restaurant closed in 2015, in the midst of the scandal.

Similarly to the victims of the Tinder Swindler, Sarma was convinced by the man she met through Twitter to take US $2 million (NZD $2.8m) from her own vegan restaurant in Manhattan because he claimed he could make her dog immortal.

We're not kidding, she believed that he could make her dog immortal. 

After marrying this mystery man, Sarma's life started to go off the rails and she eventually found herself in a courtroom pleading guilty to grand larceny, criminal tax fraud and a scheme to defraud in 2017.

Soon after the 4-part documentary series was released on Netflix, fans were well and truly blown away by Sarma's story.

Majority of the series is an interview with the celebrity chef herself alongside sit-downs with family members, staff, friends and investors who were powerless to do anything as the messy situation unfolded in front of them.

The true-crime series has striking similarities to the Tinder Swindler and definitely gives us the same vibes. 

Director of the series Chris Smith told Variety "It was just inconceivable how Sarma had gone from this celebrity vegan chef to being arrested in a motel room in Tennessee."I thought if we can help the audience understand how she went from point A to point B that in and of itself would be a feat."

If we haven't convinced you to give the series a try already, take a look at the trailer below.

Don't know about you guys but we're LIVING for these true crime series atm 😍