The trailer for the TV series about the infamous 'texting suicide' case has been released
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The trailer for the TV series about the infamous 'texting suicide' case has been released

The Hulu miniseries about the chilling true story will be released later this month.

The TV series about the chilling true story of a girl who encouraged her boyfriend to take his life has released a gripping trailer. 

The TV series, titled The Girl From Plainville, tells the true story of Michelle Carter who was 17 years of age when she encouraged her 18-year-old boyfriend Conrad Roy to commit suicide over text. 

Michelle was convicted for involuntary manslaughter in 2017 and the trial became infamous worldwide, raising questions and discussions about free speech and mental health.

Take a look at the trailer for the Hulu miniseries below:

The miniseries sees Elle Fanning play Michelle, who gives a striking resembelance to real images of Michelle in court. 

If you haven't yet heard the story, Michelle's boyfriend was found dead in 2014 from a suspected suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning. Police later uncovered text messages between the couple, with texts from Michelle persuading Conrad to end his life. 

One text read "You better not be bulls***ting me and saying you're gonna do this and then purposely get caught." along with another saying "You can't keep living this way. You just need to do it like you did last time and not think about it and just do it babe".

Carter was initially sentenced to two and a half years in prison but was released from prison after serving less than a year and is now serving a five-year probationary period.

The first three episodes of the series will premiere on March 29 on Hulu with the remaining episodes being released weekly.