Netflix may soon charge you for sharing your password with friends and family

Netflix may soon charge you for sharing your password with friends and family

I'm def kicking my ex off my login now.

Just as we're still processing the news of Netflix raising their subscription prices, we've now learned they might start charging you if you share your password with friends and whānau. 

That's it - our exes, our old uni classmates we hardly talk to anymore and that former flattie who never replaced the toilet paper are all finally getting booted from our account - but what about people we actually want to share our login with? 

And worse still, what if you're the one in danger of being axed after years of getting a free ride on someone else's subscription? 

According to Netflix, they're planning to start cracking down on password sharing outside of a user's household because they say it's "impacting their ability to invest in great TV and films". 

"We've always made it easy for people who live together to share their Netflix account, with features like separate profiles and multiple streams in our Standard and Premium plans," a statement from Netflix said. 

Yeah…confusion…that's what it was. 

Anyway, we don't have to panic just yet, because the new feature that will enable users to share their password by paying a fee is only being trailed in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru right now. 

The cost being charged in those places is the equivalent of between NZD $3 - $4.50 per extra member. 

If your mates or your parents don't want to cough up the cash to continue to enable your binge-watching habits, they'll also have the option to transfer you to a new account. 

You'll have to pay for that yourself, but it will at least keep all your viewing history and personalised recommendations intact. Small wins, eh?