Fresh is the new ‘nauseating’ Disney+ horror flick fans are calling a ‘f**ked up masterpiece’

Fresh is the new ‘nauseating’ Disney+ horror flick fans are calling a ‘f**ked up masterpiece’

Trust us, you’ll never look at Sebastian Stan the same way again.

A new horror movie about a love story that takes a dark and disgusting turn is making waves on Disney+ for the physical reactions some viewers are having to its shocking twist. 

Fans are feeling all the feels about 'Fresh', which is leaving people nauseated, “about to pass out”, hysterically laughing and screaming “WTF” at their TV screens, according to the hype on Twitter. 

Starring 'Pam & Tommy' actor Sebastian Stan and 'Normal People’s' Daisy Edgar-Jones, the story begins like many modern dating tales - a lonely girl feels downtrodden by one too many bad dates before bumping into a hot, awkward, funny guy in a grocery store. 

From the looks of the trailer, that’s about where the clichés end, as it quickly becomes clear Sebastian Stan’s character Steve is way more of a twisted sicko than anyone could ever imagine. 

According to another person, the plot is “too f**king insane to explain in words”, so we won’t even try - plus, spoilers, duh - but you only have to hear a bit of the reaction online to know this movie will leave your jaw on the floor. 

One Twitter user called 'Fresh' a “f**ked up piece of perfection”, adding:

“I was like ‘WTF’, yelling, smiling, laughing throughout the whole movie,” said another. 

“This movie 'Fresh' about to make me pass out and become a vegetarian,” a third tweet read. 

Check out the trailer and see for yourself, but it’s fair to say that settling in to watch the whole flick is not going to be for the faint of heart. 

'Fresh' is streaming on Disney+ now.