'Euphoria' star Angus Cloud's iconic response in this interview has us losing it

The star's response in the interview is going viral and we're here for it.

Angus Cloud, who plays Fez on Euphoria, has gone viral for his response to this interview question. 

One of our fave Euphoria stars did an interview with 'Instyle' and was asked 'What is a hill you're willing to die on?' which he answered quite literally.

Take a look at his hilarious response below.

Not quite sure that's the exact answer that they were looking for but either way, it has us in tears 😂

We suspect this isn't his first time messing around in interviews.

After finding this tweet, it seems as though he often enjoys trolling interviews and we're not complaining.

We reckon Cloud loves taking the piss online as he's shared many memes on his Twitter account about Euphoria which are so accurate. 

He also refuses to confirm his birthday as he doesn't want to be judged for his star sign, which in all honesty, we can understand.

We LOVE him. Keep doing what you're doing Angus 👏