Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello had one morning to get their new hit 'Bam Bam' finished

Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello had one morning to get their new hit 'Bam Bam' finished

Fans think the new collab throws some shade at Camila's ex Shawn Mendes...

Ed Sheeran took just one morning out of his busy schedule to complete his latest single 'Bam Bam' with Camila Cabello

The pair, who previously teamed up on 2019 single 'South of the Border' with Cardi B,  had a short space of time to get their new hit written, recorded and finished. 

Camila told Zane Lowe on his show New Music Daily, “I wanted to make a song that had English words, but gives me that same feeling that a lot of these Latin songs give us. And so basically, we had this version of the song. And then by the time that Ed had heard it and been on board to do it, I was in a different place in my life. I’d come out of this long relationship"

"Ed was like, ‘Okay, I love it but I want to change the chords on the verse.’ And so he had a morning … Ed is the busiest fricking guy in the world. I don’t know how he does it, but he had a morning off. And so me, him, Ricky, and Scott Harris went in the room and we all wrote my verse, and his verse, recorded it, and finished the song.”

Camila shared a snippet of the music video on her Instagram, writing "This is one of my favorite songs we’ve ever written."

Rumor has it that Camila may have also called out Shawn Mendes in the track following their split in November last year. 

The track starts off with Camila singing "You said you hated the ocean, But you're surfin' now, I said I'd love you for life, But I just sold our house."

Coincidentally, Mendes shared photos of him surfing on Instagram days after their breakup despite him revealing to fans that years earlier his "weirdest fear" involved a full-blown panic attack while swimming in the ocean at night time.

Coincidence or is Camila throwing some shade? Regardless, we love the tune and tbh who wouldn't with a power duo like that!

Take a listen to the duet below: