MAFS AU contestants hit out at Elizabeth and her outrageous salary for the show

MAFS AU contestants hit out at Elizabeth and her outrageous salary for the show

Now we know why she really went back for seconds on Married At First Sight...

Elizabeth Sobinoff is an already familiar face to MAFS fans, but she’s made a reappearance on the 2020 show after a pretty disastrous marriage to Sam Ball last season.

The now 29-year-old retail manager probably did deserve another shot at love after her marriage only lasted 4 episodes in 2019 - but apparently she was offered a HUGE paycheck to make a return. 

A source has apparently claimed that Lizzie was paid a MASSIVE $100,000 for her very short one-month appearance on MAFS. The rest of the cast received only $150 per day, so we wouldn’t be one bit surprised if they were slightly bitter about it.

In a recent interview, fellow bride Mishel Karen revealed that Lizzie had preferential treatment from the Nine Network producers while she was on the show.

"She didn't do it like us. She did it in first-class while we did it in third class... No, the luggage area of the plane."  

"Far out, it's frustrating as f**ck when people weren't real," she said. "She annoyed me but I just kind of ignored her,”

"She's fake. She was in it for fame. Like, no one would ever endure this twice. If you had sanity, would you go through the whole experiment as we went through again?" she asked her television husband, Steve Burley. "She wants to be Insta famous, she wants an extra 150 not 150,000 followers." 

Former bride Heidi Latcham had pretty similar thoughts when chatting to groom Josh Pihlak: 

"Good on her for coming back and being able to do that," Josh said to which Heidi quickly responded: "No, as if. You can't do it again. If you'd gone through it [before], you'd be like, 'Oh no.'"

Spoiler if you haven’t been keeping up: Lizzie got married to intruder groom Seb Guilhas on the show, and they seemed to hit it off straight away. It’s reported that they’re still together, which is a lot better than her last go at it at least.