What celebs name their penis’


By Jay-Jay Feeney

Most men have a name for their penis – and that includes famous men.

Someone put together a list of celebrities and their penis names.

Hugh Jackman told "Leno" that he calls his OLD JAMES ROGER.

Vinny from "Jersey Shore" has a nickname for his, but it was Snooki who made it up. She called it Moby Dick.

John Mayer infamously referred to his penis as a white supremacist, and also compared it to racist politician David Duke . . . because it prefers white girls.

Old, drunk actor Gary Busey calls his manhood Big Wednesday - The title of a surfing movie he did in 1978.

In his autobiography "Scar Tissue", Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis revealed his genital nickname to be Antoine The Swan.

Steve-O calls his Julius . . . just because he thinks it's a funny name.

source: data archive