Edge House Hunters with AMI


The Edge House Hunters with AMI has just been won! Congrats to Kayla who correctly guessed the address and won $5,000 cash!

Here are what the clues meant:

CLUE #1 - Prime Real Estate (7 is a prime number)

CLUE #2 - 12th (South Island is the 12th largest island in the world)

CLUE #3 - Eden Park (Six60 were the first band to play at Eden Park and formed in Dunedin)

CLUE #4 - Jaffas (Jaffas used to roll down Baldwin Street in Dunedin)

CLUE #5 - Under The Roof (Forsyth Barr Stadium)

CLUE #6 - Double D (Dirty Dunners)

CLUE #7 - Highlanders (Dunedin is the home of the Highlanders)

CLUE #8 - Six60 - Rise Up (Musselburgh Rise)

CLUE #9 - Show Some Muscle (Reference to Mussels - Musselburgh Rise)

CLUE #10 - Find the house unLOCK the cash (Playing on the word lock/Loch)

CLUE #11 - The END of the competition is in sight (Playing on ‘End’ in Lochend)

CLUE #12 - The Odd One Out (7 is an odd number)

CLUE #13 - Monday to Sunday (There are 7 days in the week & 7 is the house number)