Crack The Winter Escape Room Code To Win Your Share of $10,000!


Save My Bacon have powered up our winter plans so we’re sending one of our Edge announcers on a winter escape thanks to Save My Bacon. Little do they’s not the holiday they’re expecting.

Instead of sending Dom to Queenstown or Sharyn to the islands to escape the cold, we’re going to be locking one announcer in a winter-themed escape room. 

Over the next week, we are taking your votes! Who do you want to be locked away? 

Text ESCAPE with the announcer you want to be locked away to 3343 and then come Monday, off on the Winter Escape they go...

Once they’re locked up, crack the 6-digit code to release the announcer from the Winter Escape room to win $5,000 cash!

If you don’t manage to guess the full 6-digit code but guess a number in the correct place, then you’ll win yourself $1,000 cash.

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