Win cash with The Masked Singer NZ

Win 29/04/2021

Think you are a bit of a Rainman when it comes to memory games? Well, this is the game for you. The Masked Match is here and we need you!

All thanks to The Masked Singer NZ on Three, starring our very own Sharyn Casey and Randell, we’ve created a giant game of on-air memory with celebrity couples spread across the board each assigned a number. Pick a number between one and 20...if you correctly unmask (see what we did there) the iconic duo, you instantly win.

You could be getting your hot little hands on some sweet sweet cash MONEEEEEY.

Play The Edge Masked Match every day at 7am and 4pm.

Catch The Masked Singer premiering Sunday 7pm, and continuing Monday 7.30pm on Three.

Correct Guesses:

Incorrect Guesses:

3 & 17 - 6 & 18 - 1 & 17 - 3 & 18