The Vibe powered by V Energy! RD 2


The Vibe powered by V Energy is back baby! We heard about how much you missed it, so it's making the BIGGEST comeback of all time (dare we say even bigger than The Jonas Brothers).

This time we'll be rewarding you for your hilarious vids, just send in your TikToks to The Edge Facebook page , and we could be hooking you up with $$$ and free V Energy!

For those of you who missed The Vibe over lock down and are asking what is it? We're glad you asked...

  • Steph's addicted to TikTok (I mean, who isn't...), so we thought we'd put this addiction to some good use. She's sourced the hottest TikTok videos and brought them all in one place
    - The Vibe!
  • Our Edge Announcers will be joining Steph to show off their Talent! From TikTok trends, to skits, musical covers, showing off hidden talents... The list is endless, all we can say is it's gonna be hilarious.
  • And then, the cherry on top, we'll be joined by some class comedians and musicians! We don't mean to brag, but previously we've had the likes of Chris Parker, Melanie Bracewell, Chris Mac from Six60 and Drax Project who've come on board. So ya know it's gonna be some high caliber stuff.

All in all, it's about how you make it happen. NZ is full of some talented Kiwi's, so we want to showcase how talented you all really are! And if you need a pick me up, The Vibe is the place to get your dose of positive energy. Catch the latest episode every Wednesday at 3pm.