The Vibe powered by V Energy!

Bored in the house, bored in the house, bored? Honestly we’re blown away at the creativity and sheer lengths Kiwis/everyone’s going to keep themselves, and the rest of us entertained!

We want to share some of this positive energy around, which is why we’re proud to present THE VIBE WITH V ENERGY, the show that says cheers to all you legends who ‘make it happen’ from home!!!

And it gets even better because we could be hooking you up with some free V!

We’ve teamed up with the legends at V Energy to help bring you the hottest videos on TikTok right now. Steph from The Edge Workday will be hosting “The Vibe” releasing three episodes every week, getting you your daily dose of positive energy. And there will be some familiar Edge faces along the way…


We needed to keep Steph busy during lockdown so she’ll be hunting down the latest trending videos on TikTok and mashing them together for you! (Scrolling through TikTok as a job? Sounds pretty cushy Steph how’d you manage that?!) Then she’ll take one of the videos and put it to our Edge announcers so they can try their hand at it. And to top it off, she’ll be linking up with a comedian to have some lols together!


The announcers have had a crack at their challenges and will be sharing with Steph how they got on (and we chose the hardest challenges so this is gonna be hilarious). After getting some inspo from our announcers it’ll be your turn to have a go and show them up!


Oh, did we mention, there’s gonna be a special music guest EVERY FRIDAY! Perfect way to round off the week. We’ll also see how you fronted up with your TikTok challenges and they might even feature on The Vibe!

Check out the latest episodes below and enter to win free V Energy Drinks at the bottom of this page!