Win $1,000 cheers to the Novus rova Roadie Station!


Windows down, hot air baffling through, L&P, the smell of fish and chips,  and your mates singing at the top of their lungs to the new Pop Roadie playlist on Rova! Summer doesn’t get any better than this with the Edge and Rova!

Aaaand it get’s even better gurl, Novus have teamed up with Rova for the Pop Roadie station, giving you the chance to score $1,000 cash! 

Download rova and search ‘ROAD’ to get amongst the action and while your at it you can register to score yourself $1,000 all thanks to Novus Glass!

The Rova Roadie Station, all thanks to Novus Glass. Chipped Windscreen? As soon as you notice it NOVUS it!