Camp Edge is back again with V Pure!


Guys, it’s time to go bush AGAIN! Get ready to get freaky with The Edge Announcers (this time share the freakyness with everyone, not just Randell).

Camp Edge is back for the 7th and 8th of December 2019, and we’re teaming up with V Pure once again! Picture this, you wake up feeling a lil dusty, and there’s icy cold cans of V Pure waiting outside your cabin! Get me there ASAP.

Get your knickers in a twist with our giant twister, face your biggest fears on our fear pong set up, or break out the wet floor sign for the slip n’ flip! That’s just a little taster of what’s to come ;)

Fill out your permission slip below for your chance to join us at Camp Edge! Make sure you keep The Edge loud for the roll call to see if you’ll be getting ya freak on with us at Camp Edge.

Nature hits hard. Surprisingly hard in fact. V Pure packs such a punch, it’s pretty amazing - it comes from 6 natural ingredients and nothing artificial. But then again… nature is a freaky place!

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